Friday, September 29, 2017

It's ALL about BirdBangerNYC

Founder & Designer, Model Donald Carmichael has spent most of 2017 working nonstop on his Brand and the hard work is most definitely starting to pay off!  

With his original and on-trend designs, Donald started up with a vision and turned that into the dopest and freshest fashion brand. He is now reaching new heights with Snap Backs, Sweatshirts, Beanies, Polos, TeeShirts and will soon be dropping the new BirdBangerNYC Crew Necks.

Make sure you check out BirdBangerNYC where you can get your hands on it all!

Model Donald Carmichael in the Original BB Snapback! 

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Sneak Peak at BirdBangerNYC 2017...New Year New Gear... Coming Soon!!

2017 promises to be a BIG year for BirdBangerNYC!  The dope new designs are already being created and put into production and it looks as though, designer and creator, Donald Carmichael, has been hard at work!  Check out some of what's to come in 2017...

Each hat has been uniquely designed for BirdBangerNYC.  No two are the same, each individually designed and distressed!  For all of your BirdBangerNYC fashion, click here.

The NEW snapback range, available 2017!  Exclusive!

NEW Outerwear!

Donald recently featured on check out the interview for BirdBangerNYC feature below..

Thursday, November 3, 2016

KENZO collab with H&M and just like that... it was gone!

Today was the release of the highly anticipated collaboration with H&M and KENZO and this has got to be the fastest selling one so far, so much so that the H&M website crashed this morning making it impossible to get online.  People would have been better off going into Oxford Street's flagship store where they had a wristband system going!  People lined up in hoards to get a glimpse and get their hands on anything they could reach!  Already prices have doubled, even quadrupled on Ebay!

The two brands have released a few looks at their partnership over the past few months, including a tiger-striped outfit Chance the rapper wore in their campaign video - but on Monday they dropped images of every single piece in the lineup.  The look book is just as star studded as the campaign: it features rapper Le 1f, Musician Oko Ebombo and photographer Youngjun Koo alongside a handful of models.

Take a look at some of the KENZO fashion that went on sale in H&M stores today here

Rapper Chance for KENZO H&M